Spun: The Go! Team

The Go! Team
Rolling Blackouts
(Memphis Industries)

The Go! Team’s latest album, Rolling Blackouts, feels most at home during a Saturday night on the town- ladies in cute little skirts, boys in near spandex-like jeans, a stiff shot of tequila and maybe a smattering of E. Unfortunately, just as not every night can (or should) be like a high-energy Saturday night, and how tiny skirts or hyper-tight pants don’t quite work on a day-to-day basis, and how tequila and E really are only fun when consumed occasionally, so too is The Go! Team. That is, it’s recommended that one listen in moderation. You can’t spend everyday at the circus, and on that note, The Go! Team should reconsider spending everyday sounding like a circus.

The album isn’t without merit. Rolling Blackouts is an audacious attempt at creating a high-flying and empowered aural aesthetic, which can be heard clearly in tracks such as “Apollo Throwdown” or “Bust-Out Brigade.” What keeps the album from attaining the heights for which it reaches is The Go! Team’s attachment to their formula, creating a lack of diversity in their sound.

All said, come Saturday, it’s Go! time- but you’ll have to find something else to jam to from Monday to Friday.

Remi Watts

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