Letter: Troll pissed off, going to die soon

What going on at school?!?! Tiddlywinks wake up at crack of noon like always on Tuesday and then break into neighbourses’ house to use computer. When try to vote in Students’ Union election Tiddlywinks find bad bad thing!!! No Tiddlywinks on ballot!!! Why not? No smoochable Delilah Smith on ballot!!! Why not?

Tiddlywinks mad, all students mad 2.

Everyone come up to Tiddlywinks and say ‘Hey, why me no able for vote you???’

Tiddlywinks have answer.

Fat cats in office rig election!!! They no ever say Tiddlywinks not be on ballot! Tiddlywinks read election bylaws, he have to get five per cent of vote to get money back for election costs. How that happen if not on ballot?

Tiddlywinks knows SU has species-ist rules, say Trolls can’t win, but Tiddlywinks wanted to see how many votes he get anyway.

Now never happen. Tiddlywinks sad. 🙁

Trolls not live long lives, Tiddlywinks only have few more months for live. All Tiddlywinks wanted was to see self on results as having one vote. That all Tiddlywinks want to see before die. That and also see Hardave get eat by Tiddlywinks.

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