Spun: Gobble Gobble

These three EPs, released in a three-month period in 2010 by Edmonton’s Gobble Gobble, all serve the same function — to legitimize and build upon the buzz that surrounded the bands 2009 LP, Neon Graveyard.

Where Neon Graveyard was an opportunity to mess around — it resembles an auditory playground constructed with synthesizers and electronic drums — this collection is a deliberate attempt by the band’s frontman, Cecil Frena, to tie down a more cohesive aesthetic. It works, as Frena finds success after success with his unique and accessible electropop. There is, however, one hiccup in “Nemo,” a slower paced, utterly forgetable track that has far too much going on. That said, the rest of the music is great. “Wrinklecraver,” “Lawn Knives” and “End of Days” are remarkably catchy and quite deep when considering their short length (the songs range from just over two minutes to just over three). The songs bounce along with the vocals swinging in and out of focus over the glitchy synths that have become Frena’s trademark.

The EPs are definitely worth picking up and hopefully the band or Frena get around to releasing another LP in the same vein.

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