Spun: Mother Mother

The Vancouver Sun recently hailed Mother Mother’s newest release, Eureka, as the streamlined product of the quintet’s previous two albums. The statement is partially true — Eureka is the result of a combination of Touch Up, Mother Mother’s quaint, catchy independently-released first album and their second release, O My Heart. It’s obvious why the band would revisit some previously used elements, but unfortunately Eureka has lost the eloquence that marked early releases. The songs are accessible and still harmony-driven, but predictable in their transitions and a disappointing contrast to the first two albums.

The opening track, “Chasing it Down,” does perk the listener’s interest with its confusing intro (a recording, then bass-heavy drums) and catchy guitar hook, as well as the a chorus of shouts. “The Stand,” one of the album’s singles, is perfect anthem-pop, with a strong refrain and perky dialogue.

Unfortunately, the overall lyrical value of this album is poor as the band touches on tired topics such as girls refusing to dance (“Baby Don’t Dance”) and contemplating photographs (“Born in a Flash”). Nevertheless, if it was Mother Mother’s intention to create another catchy, accessible, consistent pop record, they’ve succeeded. But that ultimately feels like a failure from a band with so much potential.

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