Spun: Tarun Hayar

If you don’t know what to expect with Tarun Nayar — and let’s be honest, you really don’t — you might be pleasantly surprised to find yourself groovin’ to his wildly ambitious techno beats.

With an eclectic mix of traditional Bollywood (complete with sitar instrumentals and Hindi lyrics) and dubstep beats, the only situation where it would be inappropriate to pump up the volume on these tracks would be old Auntie May’s funeral. Nayar is the self-proclaimed “programmer” of the 10-track album recorded at the Teahouse in Vancouver.

As long as you ignore the album cover and artwork — which is more blinding than looking into the sun — and the multiple misspellings on the inside, and don’t spend any time wondering what “beatitude” is, you might actually come to enjoy a wonderfully diverse album. Still hesitant to check it out?

Ears will perk up after hearing Nayar spent the last year touring with Delhi2Dublin. With less than 100 plays on most of his MySpace songs, that is quite an accomplishment, though not entirely surprising. His album, after 10 years of hard work, lives up to the honour. Plus, he looks pretty cute in Ray-Bans.

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