Recruiter insists college painting not a scam

Impressionable first-year University of Calgary geomatics student Renee Clarkson said she was definitely interested in a chance to earn more than her friends, all while working outdoors and getting a valuable experience no other university student can dream of. “At first I was a bit skeptical that I would be able to coordinate all painting… Continue reading Recruiter insists college painting not a scam

JAS360 brings performance art to Calgary

Improv Everywhere, a New York-based performance art group, has captivated people the world over with their guerilla improvisational skits. The group carries out pranks or “missions” in different venues and locales, most of which are public. Their efforts include the annual NYC “No Pants” subway ride where hundreds of volunteers ride the rails pantless and,… Continue reading JAS360 brings performance art to Calgary

Hanna is a cold-blooded thriller

Deep in the snowy wilderness of the Arctic Circle, a young assassin, Hanna (Saoirse Ronan), is trained to be prepared for anything. Her lessons include hunting, dialect, combat, stealth and encyclopedic knowledge — all of which contribute to her goal of being a sharp and elusive killing machine. Her teacher and father, Erik (Eric Bana),… Continue reading Hanna is a cold-blooded thriller

Taking Flight takes off

The first year — there was a bit of a mutiny,” says Valerie Campbell, artistic director of the Taking Flight festival. “The students didn’t really realize this change was for them.” Campbell refers to the first Taking Flight, which occurred in 2005. The festival was created to alleviate headaches that plagued the end-of-the-year projects students… Continue reading Taking Flight takes off