Spun: Architecture in Helsinki

By Andy Williams

After a four year hiatus, the Australian multi-instrumentalists Architecture in Helsinki return with their new album, Moment Bends, and it marks a stark change for the band.

Architecture in Helsinki have always experimented with their unique sound and aesthetic and they’ve found success time and time again- “One Heavy February,” “Frenchy I’m Faking,” “Wishbone” and “It’5!” are all great songs. They have a tendency to be overindulgent with their experimentation and miss sometimes though, like “In Case We Die (parts 1–4)” and “Vanishing”- but it’s just part of the Architecture in 
Helsinki process. It’s worth endearing the bad to get the good.

While previous albums contained a mix of the good and bad, the material on Moment Bends is more consistent, more accessible and more polished.

If that sounds like a compliment, it’s not. Though there are still standout songs- “Escapee” and “Contact High” are both great- the whole project is less interesting and ultimately weaker than previous albums. The album is worth picking up, but longtime fans will probably be disappointed.

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