Students’ Union crowned king of Trash Mountain

By Brent Constantin

The Students’ Union is encouraging students to be aware of their waste at the Trash Talk event in the north courtyard of MacEwan Student Centre. According to the SU, MSC produces more than a metric tonne of garbage each day, an amount visitors will be able to witness first-hand as the SU collects all the waste in a pile.

SU vice-president operations and finance James Delaney said the goal of the Trash Talk event, which also includes a free Bike Root service station and other eco-focused campus club booths, is to let students know just how much is wasted every day.

“We really wanted to focus on how students can get involved on campus in sustainability,” Delaney said. “We broke it down into what the mountain is made of. So if students brought their own coffee mugs, for example, four per cent of the trash mountain would no longer be there.”

University of Calgary fifth-year political science student Denis Menzer attended the event on behalf of the university community garden club and the fresh veggie club. He said the best way for students to cut out trash is to grow their own food. The club was on hand to sell seed packages to students.

“If you look at it all this trash, it’s going to come from processed junk food,” said Menzer, who recommended students plan in advance for lunches instead of purchasing them at the food court.

Delaney said any concerns about the smell are negated by the educational factor.

“It’ll stink, I’m not worried,” he said.

Students can see the trash mountain until the evening of April 7 and also bring their mugs for free coffee at the Stör.

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