Liberal Leadership Candidate Profiles: Bill Harvey

By Amy Badry

Bill Harvey was the elected Liberal candidate in Calgary-East in 2004 and 2008. Harvey is a financial advisor and currently the branch manager for the Investment Planning Counsel. “Returning to responsible government” is his slogan. “The word ‘Liberal’ does not have to be a dirty word,” says his website. “We have lost our way and need to go back to our roots in this province.”

“I think the biggest thing that is facing [young Albertans] is making sure there are good quality jobs out there and making sure they can participate in all that Alberta has to offer,” said Harvey.

He said the way to do this is to open up the education system to all Albertans regardless of their financial situation.

“We think that if you have it in between your ears to go up in the education system, the government will pay for it” he said. “We are not going to buy you your beer and pizza, but we are going to pay your tuition fees.”

Harvey would like to see more options for education in Alberta. His website says he believes in allowing more charter schools and home-schooling options for students in grade school.

Harvey would advocate to see the education system be the second industry in the province.

“We can make Alberta the go-to learning centre, which is very important because at the other end of the spectrum, when you come out and are highly qualified and are making money, we want you to stay right here in Alberta.”

He said Alberta is going to have a huge need in the future for highly skilled individuals. “Not only doctors and lawyers but trades like electricians and carpenters as well.”

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