Dinos hoop stars ready to shine

By Josh Rose

A versatile team able to play both the small-man perimeter game and the big-man inside game, the University of Calgary men’s basketball team has the potential to go all the way to Nationals this year. Last season’s record was 8-16 — almost good enough to qualify for Nationals.

“We switched what we do based on the talents that we have. This year is going to be a lot more passing, cutting and moving on offense,” said head coach Dan Vanhooren. “We’re not as strong athletically, but we are strong in a basketball skill perspective. We will be making adjustments to our defense in relation to our athleticism as well.”

The rookie players were able to show off their skills and talents earlier this year in the Battle of the Border tournament and during the training camps. Vanhooren said the new kids on the court are undoubtedly able to replace those who finished eligibility or graduated after last season.

“This team is much better than last year’s team,” he said. “We were a definitive presence on the perimeter. We’re going to be tough to stop and we’re going to be able to put up a number, but our biggest challenge is whether or not we can stop other opponents and work together as a team.”

Guard Tyler Fidler is expected to shine and excel on the team. He led Canada West in rebounds, was the Dinos’s top scorer last year and is a great playmaker hoping to hop across the pond to play EuroBasket, an international tournament.

Forward Boris Bakovic, who has played on Canada’s FISU and Pan-American teams, is going to be a key component to the Dinos.

“It’s going to be a long season, we need to stay positive, especially if we want to reach Nationals,” said Fidler.


1st yr F Daan Wiersum

1st yr PG/G Josh Owen-Thomas

5th yr F Boris Bakovic

2nd yr F Patrick Walker


3rd yr G Trevor Debolt

1st yr G Philip Labongo

4th yr G Jordan Flagel

3rd yr PG Andy Rochen

3rd yr F Youri Anissovets

1st yr F Brad Clark

Projected Starters:

PG- Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson

G- Keenan Milburn

G- Tyler Fidler

F- Matt Letkeman

F- Boris Bakovic

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