U of C president announces future vision

On September 28th, the University of Calgary unveiled its five-year vision — to be one of Canada’s top five research universities by 2016, the university’s 50th anniversary. More than 1,000 students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members attended the Eyes High launch, which started with SU president Dylan Jones rapping about the vision. Research Infosource ranked the U of C as the number eight research university in Canada in 2010. The five-year vision was developed through Project Next, a consulting project that U of C president Elizabeth Cannon said was the most extensive consulation with students and staff in the U of C’s history. The three foundational commitments are to sharpen focus on research and scholarship, enrich the quality and breadth of learning and to fully integrate the university with the community. During the announcement attendees were asked to text in answers to the questions ‘How will your life at the university be enriched by Eyes High’ and ‘what does Eyes High mean to you’? Answers included ‘Eyes High means looking not just to the future but to our personal and collective improvement,’ ‘Beat U of A,’ and ‘I am never going to give you up, never going let you down, never going to run away and desert you.’

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