Letter: A tower of possibility

By Daniel Dunbar

Today I woke up in an undisclosed location. My neck stabs into my thoughts. I am in physical pain because I fell asleep in a chair, on a desk.

It has become more apparent than ever that our university lacks the adequate spaces required for students to thrive in their health.

Our education system does not put health at the forefront of learning. I firmly believe that health is vital in the retaining of knowledge and is more important than education. As an institution which expects to create leaders who can interact and cope with the elite of the world, we have much to accept, forgive and let go of.

Just a few weeks ago an article by Remi Watts titled “Not enough space to study . . . each other” [Oct. 27, 2011] appeared in the Gauntlet. I have followed Watts’s articles for a while now and I applaud his choice of topics and angles of focus. In the article mentioned Watts somewhat outlandishly suggested we use valuable space on campus for inter-student sex. He poignantly outlined a desire to “reduce the amount of pointless and often painful one-night stands that results from the immature sex rituals of ThursDen.” I agree with Watts in the belief that sexual health is indeed more important than school.

Our university has shorted us as far as good, usable space goes. We lack in sexual maturity and the space to develop that maturity. We lack the access to space for the preparation of food, access to fresh produce and access to the knowledge of the healing properties of food. We lack the space to discuss issues of global tyranny. We are a student body of vast potential and I cannot help but feel that our courses are designed to get us in, keep us busy and get us out.

In a push towards a university of higher awareness and excellence, I propose our university starts by providing our students with cots — lightly monitored sleeping quarters available to any student at any time. I would be first to contribute my time and energy into its foundation and operation. If the faculty wishes to make a real stab at attracting the bright minds of our province, our country and our world, I suggest we provide a prime location for such an operation. Perhaps one with a view. Possibly, in a tower. . .

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