Spun: New Found Glory

By Dylann Golbeck

New Found Glory has been instrumental in the pop-punk genre. On Radiosurgery, their most recent album, they’ve incorporated an early ’90s feel reminiscent of Green Day’s Dookie, representing a return to their earlier punk roots.

While pop-punk bands are somewhat limited in their ability to mature by the very nature of the genre, this album brings with it a stronger sound, if not stronger content. Many of the songs start with catchy hooks, and their anthemic feel adds interest to the album. Unfortunately, the energy found in the beginning of the songs doesn’t last, and it is hard to listen to certain songs all the way through because of this.

This is a band that you need to be in the right mood to listen to, but it certainly has its place- Radiosurgery is the perfect album to take you back to your high-school days. Its upbeat rhythms and melodies, crisp guitar and light lyrics get you up and moving. Despite being known for their energetic live performances, New Found Glory don’t seem as invested on this studio album, and Radiosurgery feels a little forced at times.

If you are looking for more of New Found Glory’s regular material, you should take a look at this album.

Radiosurgery, however, is ultimately repetitive and a little lacklustre.

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