Spun: Transit

By Dixon Blume

Transit’s latest release, 22, manages to improve on the successes of his previous work as well as discover new musical directions. The album is deep, musically varied and, most importantly, extremely enjoyable.

The amount of problems that Transit discusses can feel overwhelming, but this isn’t too much of a concern. Although 22 adds to the lyrical themes found on Insufficient Funds, it also manages to feel personal and intimate.

Musically, 22 is exceptionally strong. A solid cast of guest stars, including eight-time Juno winner Jann Arden, provides variety. The wide assortment of instruments found on the album adds to the already top-notch production, which ranges from Rage-Against-the-Machine-esque electric guitar riffs to beats dominated by piano and choral loops.

22 is a highly listenable and coherent piece of music, aided by deep lyricism, strong guest stars and tight production. The album is socially conscious, yet manages to express personality and emotion. It is varied and interesting, yet it does not go off in random directions. With 22, Transit shows his talent and potential, and in the process, manages to create one of the best albums to come out of Calgary’s music scene in recent years.

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