Spun: Nans & Nat

By Victoria Nguyen

Think back to the days of ’90s pop music- bubbly tunes, catchy choruses, and a plethora of “I like you, you like me” lyrical themes. Nans & Nat’s debut album, The Right Words, is a variation on these themes that satisfies my bubblegum pop cravings, but its potency is most effective in small doses.

The Canadian electro-pop duo’s first album confirms that the two have had experience with music production in the past. Nans & Nat purposefully attempt to create an experimental progression through the 10 tracks. Instead of sounding like a mash-up of random tunes, the album provides a smooth synth-driven

narrative for the listener. Ultimately, while Nans & Nat’s musical narrative is clearly heard, it progresses too slowly to be considered remarkable.

The first track, “Tell Me,” follows conventional synth-pop structure with drum beats looped in with electro bass. The last track, “Quiet,” includes more ambiguous static drops, which are interspersed among more melodic acoustic sounds.

Somewhere in between tracks 2 and 9, however, the consistent synths and robotic noise begins to sound

repetitive and by the time the album is over, you end up feeling like you’ve just indulged in a sugar binge.

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