Damn mass emails

By Susan Anderson

I’m sick of receiving mass emails from fellow students. If you’re apologizing for it, why do it? I miss classes. In fact, I just missed three days, but I wouldn’t ever consider sending out a mass email to annoy everyone in my class even if I knew none of them, just to get notes.When I miss classes I make sure to catch up on the reading, follow the outline, make sure I didn’t miss any assignments and then possibly ask a newly-made friend in the class what I missed and if, a big if, I can borrow their notes.

Do mass emails even receive replies? Maybe it’s not your fault, maybe you were encouraged in this behavior. Maybe you once successfully received notes — regardless, it’s still not worth annoying everyone else in the class. I don’t really care about your illness, or your unfortunate incident with the cat/car/whatever. There are many ways to get notes besides a mass email. The rest of your classmates are not responsible for your education. Oh, and if you ask me if you missed anything important in your email, no, of course not, we all stared out the window and wondered why you weren’t in class.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Remember, every time you send a mass email, God kills a kitten.

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