Spun: The Lost Lovers Brigade

By Andrea Llewellyn

The Lost Lovers Brigade may have talent, but this group of indie rockers out of Vancouver is still searching for an identity. In a failed attempt to showcase their originality and musical range, Little Skeletons comes across as a mediocre debut album.

Over the course of 11 songs, The Lost Lovers Brigade visits what seems like every musical genre — as a whole, it is uncertain what audience they are aiming for. They are talented, yet lacking that je ne sais quoi necessary for success.

While they may experiment with genres such as country, bluegrass, indie rock, punk and pop, The Lost Lovers Brigade has yet to create a unique and meaningful sound.

Jumping from genre to genre results in an inconsistent product riddled with uncomfortable transitions. The songs jump from country melancholia to folky lullabies, from punky bluegrass indie rock to soulful piano ballads, creating a messy collage.

The Lost Lovers Brigade would attract some noteworthy attention if they could only settle on a musical direction. There’s plenty of room for them to grow and a lot of potential here.

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