SU election winners

By Michael Grondin

The Students’ Union representatives for the 2012-2013 school year have officially been selected. Student votes went a long way in this close contest, in which over 5,700 students hit the polls. Here are the winners.

For SU president, it was a race between Hardave Birk and Matt McMillan. Birk proved successful, grabbing only four per cent more of the vote. He promises extensive negotiations to keep the campus in students’ hands, as well as an SU smartphone application.

For VP academic, Kenya-Jade Pinto took the top spot. This was also a close contest, as Michelle Huie obtained only 266 fewer votes than Pinto. Pinto campaigned for a well-rounded learning experience for students, with ideas for the involvement of new, diverse programs.

The position of VP external went to Raphael Jacob, a current Faculty of Arts representative. Jacob received 57 per cent of the vote, beating Maral Kiani and Kourtney Pratt. Jacob’s main initiatives are the removal of unnecessary fees and increases to tuition, but also maintaining high standards.

Scott Weir won VP operations and finance, beating Jason Hong. Weir’s main ideals for the position are getting students involved, improving student housing and promoting green initiatives.

And the role of VP student life went to Hayley Wade with 50 per cent of the vote. Arguably, Wade was the most controversial candidate, posting “Great dick bro” posters in men’s washrooms. Wade aims to diminish the ‘commuter-campus’ culture at the U of C, improve student awareness and ensure equal opportunities for students.

The new representatives for arts are Sarah Damberger, Hana Kadri, Jack Mills and Kelsy Norman. For business, Justin Pon and Carol Yan take over. The engineering reps will be Trevor Bestwick and Tyler Fischer. Science gets Olabode Adegbayike, Marvi Cheema and Tyler Pentland. The medicine rep is Stefana Pancic, and Riley Simister for nursing. Also, Vincent St. Pierre will be the student voice on the Board of Governors.

All other positions were acclaimed.

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