Spun: Cedar Park

By Jessica McIntyre

Combine the tender lyrics of an indie album, the catchiness of a pop album and the sheer fun of a rock album and you’ve got Cedar Park’s Way Back Home.

Canadian songwriter Dylan White founded this one-man band, but despite his lack of bandmates he rarely finds himself alone in this album. White likes to show off the potential inherent in collaboration, and the possibilities that can be found in making music with others. This philosophy can be seen throughout Way Back Home, with a variety of Canadian artists helping to make each track unique.

The harmony Dylan obtains with these other artists through his music creates a wonderful indie-pop sound that is sure to please fans of the genre. All of the songs on the album are collaborations — with the exception of the aptly named “All By Myself.” This track features Dylan by himself, allowing listeners to experience the feel of a one-man band along with the collaborative work present in the other songs.

Every track on Way Back Home sounds completely different due to the presence of different guest artists on every track. The song “Believe Me,” performed with Canadian singer Kalan Porter, has a ballad-type feel in its soulful and honest lyrics. In contrast, “Think So Now,” featuring Esthero, has more of an upbeat melody that begs listeners to dance. The rest of the tracks are equally unique, with each new artist adding a different flavour to White’s music.

Way Back Home is unlike most generic indie-pop albums, and its unique sound may need an acquired taste to properly enjoy. But if you’re looking for variety, checking out Cedar Park’s debut would not be a mistake.

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