Spun: Yukon Blonde

By Alexander Cheung

With Yukon Blonde’s second full-length album, Tiger Talk, the Vancouver-based band has created a fun, fast and uplifting set of tracks that are reminicent of ‘70s-era vintage rock with a modern 21st-century touch.

Perfect for listening to on a warm spring day, this is the kind of album that will get you moving. The stylistic repetition of clear vocals and catchy guitar riffs give the tracks a happy-go-lucky feeling for those times when you need an auditory pick-me-up, and the pop-y refrains such as the one in “My Girl” are bursting with fun and easy to sing along to.

Like on their 2010 self-titled first album, the band excels at using a multitude of warm harmonic riffs. However, it can sometimes feel like the group was binging on energy drinks while composing these hyperactive tracks, which makes listening to the album for an extended period of time mentally exhausting.

Yukon Blonde was wise to place “Guns,” perhaps the only moderately-paced track, near the end of the album to serve as a much-needed break from the unrelenting energy found in the rest of the songs. Yet despite being refreshingly relaxed, the song is not so slow to be out of place.

Overall, Tiger Talk offers a consistent and fun set of upbeat tracks. You should be warned — they may cause you to frolick about uncontrollably, possibly raising the eyebrows of any potential witnesses. If you feel like complementing a good time with some joyful, vintage tunes, this album is definitely worth a listen.

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