Letter: Inadequate shelter

By John Verney

[Re: “U of C looks to improve transportation,” Sept. 6, 2012]

Before the Taylor Family Digital Library was built, there was a fairly large bus shelter in front of Craigie Hall. It was a bit of a dump but of great value to would-be passengers waiting for one of the many buses stopping there, especially in the height of winter. Even though the shelter could accommodate as many as 20 people crushed together, many more were often compelled to wait outside. In particularly severe weather, we could, thankfully, wait inside Craigie Hall.

Now, this shelter has been removed and it was replaced by a single shelter at the far side of the turning circle where the buses stop. In this shelter there is seating for two people, and standing room for perhaps four or five more. For a place as large as the University of Calgary, this size is totally inadequate and it is situated on the turning circle as far away from the buildings as possible.

I suspect that decisions for the shelter site were made by people who travel by car rather than by bus. In the present case, no consideration has been given to passengers. As things are now, it is inevitable that many students — and others — will be forced to stand for long periods of time in bitter weather for their bus. Is this an aspect of ‘improved transportation’? I think not.

I noticed that there is room for more shelters in front of the Education Building. If any could be erected there, it would be very convenient as people could wait inside the building for their bus if the shelters are crowded when the weather is bad.

I do not expect the Gauntlet to build us a shelter, but at least you could publicize the problem as it affects many people at the U of C. In my opinion your article gives far too rosy a picture of transportation to and from campus.

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