Letter: stinky locker rooms need the SU’s attention

By Adam Strashok

With the victory of Raphael Jacob as the new Students’ Union president, I sincerely hope that money and time is applied to renovate the main locker rooms at the University of Calgary. While a lot of money has been devoted to renovating MacEwan Student Centre, little to no effort has been put towards fixing the locker rooms. These rooms are decrepit, have old showers, horrific smelling bathrooms and, worst of all, many broken lockers. Week after week, no one fixes these problems. This results in many people unable to use the facilities because they have nowhere to store their stuff. Although the U of C is resurfacing the main gym floor, they do not pay any attention to the locker rooms, which are in much need of repair. Many people use these locker rooms, including sports teams and performers from around the world. This is a crucial issue and the next SU administration should make a devoted effort to improve the facilities that thousands of people use on a weekly basis. I implore the SU, Jacob and the student body to do the right thing.

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