New website for buying and selling textbooks

By Zainab Takuma

At the beginning and end of every semester, students scramble to buy and sell their textbooks. If a student wants to sell an old textbook, their first option is to return it to the U of C Bookstore. And they usually get little money for the effort.

U of C students Vamsee Reddy and Jacob Nasser intend to solve this through the University of Calgary Book Trading Service — a website for students to buy, sell or trade used textbooks.

“It was developed, restructured and reformed just over the summer,” Nasser said. “So coming into this semester a lot of students could utilize it for this coming year and all the years to come.”

The U of C Book Trading Service looks to eliminate the middleman with textbook transactions, making it easier for students to avoid long lines at the bookstore. As an added bonus, student-to-student trading gives students the opportunity to get all the money from their sale — a big improvement from the 75 per cent received from consigning textbooks at Bound and Copied.

“We have a website where there is no middleman,” Nasser said. “You have your books. You can keep them at home or wherever you want and you just approach [the seller]. You have your phone number and your email on there and you’re good to go.”

Second-year biological science student Dubby Okeke said he signed up for the book trading service four weeks ago after hearing about it on Facebook.

“I was looking for a way to get rid of my books because I don’t get much money from selling them to the bookstore. So, book trade would be better.”

Students need a valid ucalgary email to use the website.

Nasser and Reddy said they hope the website will grow in the future. They are promoting their service through the Science Student Society, social media and by word of mouth.

Students can click here to join.

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