Re: Israel and Sudan refugees

A little clarification, for your one-sided opinion regarding African refugees and Israel. Most of them came from Egypt, because they were being raped and murdered by the Egyptians, after the Muslim Brotherhood took over. Secondly they have come via the Sinai, where they are exploited by the Bedouin and some 200 have been killed. Finally, Sudan does not recognise Israel, and their media is full of the most vile anti-Semitism, so the Israelis are concerned that some of these illegals may have another agenda.

Currently, the Israeli Supreme court is wrestling with the problem just as we here in Canada have been doing for the last 50 years. Your opinion is one sided and lacks any research, and comes to the conclusion that Israelis racist, which is a common tactic of those who want to deny the Jews their own country.

Noel Hershfield Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Calgary

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