Spun: Auresia

By Diltaj Atwal

Auresia’s latest album, Risin’!, centers on the singer’s soulful voice, mixing her beautiful harmonies with meaningful lyrics and flavours of electric pop. At times the album can be clunky but it is truly an interesting marriage between unique electric pop blends and the soulful harmonies of reggae.

Auresia, a singer, songwriter and guitarist raised in Edmonton, was nominated for Favourite World Artist at the 2010 Independent Music Awards and for four awards at the 2009 Canadian Reggae Music Awards. She followed up her five-time nominated self-titled debut in 2008 with the single “Fuel Up (On Love)” in 2011 and album So In Love With You in 2012.

Her new album takes the listener on a musical journey of highs and lows. The album really kicks it with “High,” which is a mixture of acoustic sounds, soulful singing and electro pop that carries you to those high heights. You’re brought down by the sensual tones of “ChoCoLate” with its Latin feel, then things get high again with “Thinkin’ of Your Love” as the acoustic sound and her voice shine. But then the track “Mistake” comes along and pulls you out of the mellow trance and into the boring tones of reality. Then it’s time to “Fuel Up (On Love)” as things get dramatic, but the love keeps on coming as her voice interrupts those tense moments.

Sunshine comes crashing down with “Let The Love” as it makes you want to bob your head and enjoy life. But from this high we fall down on “Show Me Your Throne” which ends the album on a weak note.

Overall the album was an enjoyable experience. There are a lot of good tracks to listen to with only a few discordant noises. Hopefully Auresia continues on this path.

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