Study shows a night out with the guys is good for health

By Ashton Chugh

A study recently released by Oxford University found that two guys’ nights a week helps men maintain optimal health.

Oxford director of social and evolutionary neuroscience Robin Dunbar led the study.

The specific health benefits include faster recovery times from sickness and higher overall levels of generosity.

According to the study, men must physically meet with four friends twice a week to reap the benefits of male friendship.

Dunbar also recommends that guys do traditional “guy stuff” when hanging out with their bros like drinking beer and playing team sports.

These same benefits were not noticed among men who communicated regularly via texting and emailing.

Also, the size of the groups cannot get too large, otherwise less endorphins — one of the chemicals responsible for happiness — are

While the results of the study will be well received by guys with friends, the science does have a bias — the study was commissioned by Guinness brewery.

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