Spun: CC Trubiak

CC Trubiak has banded together with a small mob of friends, musicians and muses to create his latest album, fittingly titled Tiny Army: The D. Holmes Sessions. Trubiak’s music is quite personal with each song telling a story, yet the instrumentals stay energetic with some folk elements mixed in and his piercing tenor voice takes… Continue reading Spun: CC Trubiak

Spun: Dog Day

Dog Day’s latest album is titled Fade Out, but the group’s surreal classic rock is not likely to fade from memory anytime soon. The group from Halifax was started by Seth Smith and his wife Nancy Urich almost 10 years ago and they have been creating their unique mix of rock-influenced guitar, dreamy surreal bass… Continue reading Spun: Dog Day

Taking stand-up comedy off leash

Over the winter break, The Gauntlet was able to sit down with stand-up comedian and radio personality Lori Gibbs. The Calgary based comedian answered our questions regarding her stand-up career and discussed her recent transition into the world of radio. The Gauntlet: How did you get your start in doing stand-up comedy? Lori Gibbs: Well… Continue reading Taking stand-up comedy off leash

U of C Operetta performing classic musical

For fans of musical theatre, the University of Calgary Operetta Company is finally putting on the classical Broadway musical The Music Man from Meredith Willson. While the titles of such songs as Seventy-six Trombones, My White Knight, Lida Rose and (Ya Got) Trouble may not be immediately recognizable by some, director Colleen Whidden says these… Continue reading U of C Operetta performing classic musical