Spun: Elaquent

By Katarina Atherholt

Out of Guelph, Ontario comes a new EP from hip-hop artist Elaquent. Green Apples and Oranges combines a multitude of different sounds to make eight amazingly diverse instrumental hip-hop tracks.

Elaquent kicks off the album with “Alone At Last” which brings us right into his studio, inviting us to take off our jackets, have a seat and stay awhile.
Between the mellow yet beautiful

“Aurora” and the quicker, more lively track “The Little Things You Do” every song on this album is its own flavour of Elaquent’s signature instrumentals and vocal sound bites. “Aurora” features an ambient electronic sound with a strong percussive beat that dips into electro-jazz and lounge music to create a soothing track to just chill out to. All the way through to the last track, “Sayonara (Closure),” the album allows you to get wrapped up in a world created by the brilliant underground artist.

The artist’s attitude seamlessly matches his music. What you hear is a relaxed, successful and talented guy with nothing much to prove. Though the hip-hop scene occasionally has a bad reputation for artists notorious for being ostentatious and antagonistic, musicians like Elaquent are a welcome exception. He has a degree from Brock University, still works a 9–5 job, lives in Guelph and hasn’t sold out to produce anything other than exactly the sound he wants to have.

Regardless of your preferred genre, when you’re looking for something easy to kick back and relax with, Green Apples and Oranges provides eight mellow, polished and authentic songs to enjoy.

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