Work begins on Smoke’s Poutinerie

By Rachelle Reed

Construction has begun on Smoke’s Poutinerie in MacHall.

Students’ Union president Raphael Jacob said he expects the vendor to openin six weeks.

“It has been shown to be really popular on university campuses and with our demographic,” Jacob said. “Furthermore, it is a Canadian tradition.”

Smoke’s Poutinerie beat out an undisclosed frozen yogurt vendor in a bid to replace Prime Box Office.

Other than Smoke’s, poutine is available at the Den and A&W.

Jacob has heard concerns about the lack of healthy food options in MacHall, as well as a lack of vegan and halal choices.

As far as advertising goes, Jacob thinks since there is brand recognition of Smoke’s in other provinces already, and since poutine is quite self-explanatory, advertising may not have to be so outlandish.

“It has taken a little longer than expected to get [Smoke’s] into the space,” Jacob said. The first vote to bring in Smoke’s Poutinerie was in July of 2013. “It has been a long process to get to this point.”

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