Love at first Facebook post

By Melanie Bethune

Are you searching for love? Are you sick and tired of traditional dating services? Look no further than your Facebook newsfeed.

The popular Facebook page U of C Compliments has almost 8,000 likes and allows students to express their appreciation for friends and strangers.

Students say that they love U of C Compliments for the confidence boost it provides, but it seems that lately the page has been providing more than that.

“We believe that U of C Compliments is the premiere matchmaking service on campus,” said the page’s administrator who chose to remain anonymous. “And we feel that there is no better way to meet your perfect match than through an anonymous compliment about how cute someone wearing that one thing looked that one time at that one place.”

U of C Compliments originates from a similar program first started at Queen’s University which has been incredibly successful in creating new relationships. The majority of students complimented said that if it were not for the page they would not have known that they were ‘looking fine in those yoga pants’ or that they ‘are one beautiful specimen.’

While the page states that its intention is to “put smiles on faces of unsuspecting people,” it has also proven to be an ideal setting for romance.

“U of C Compliments is the reason I found love,” said guy in a purple sweatshirt who was walking through the Taylor Family Digital Library on Monday. “I saw this compliment come up on my newsfeed, right between my brother’s drunk status update and a link to Justin Bieber’s deposition video. It said ‘To the guy in the purple sweatshirt walking through TFDL on Monday, you’re hella cute. From the shy girl with the red beanie.’ When I realized that I’m the guy in the purple sweatshirt, I knew that ‘shy girl’ was destined to be my one true love.”

The people behind the page hope that U of C Compliments will eventually replace more mainstream relationship searches.

“Gone are the days of finding relationships through shared interests,” the administrator continued, “or dating, or even talking to people. Now all you have to do is anonymously point out that you noticed someone somewhere at some point in time without even knowing their name or personality and the next thing you know you’ll have your soul mate. It’s that easy. Move over eHarmony!”

Thanks to U of C Compliments, the relationship between the guy in the purple hoodie and the shy girl has rapidly moved forward.

“I finally found out his name yesterday,” said shy girl. “It’s like we’re married. And I didn’t have to actually go out and make an effort to meet him, all I had to do was take notice of him, make a Facebook post and the next thing you know we’re together forever. We have a date next week in TFDL — he’s going to wear his purple hoodie again.”

The creators of the page expect that its popularity and matchmaking ability will leave a lasting legacy.

“In 20 years when parents are telling their kids how they met,” the administrator said proudly, “every couple is going to be saying ‘through a Facebook page about complimenting strangers.’ This is the practical future of love and romance, no effort required. Nothing says romance like stalking from a distance. You can make the first move from the comfort of your keyboard without even talking to your prospective mate.”

According to the couple, U of C Compliments was able to fill a void left by face-to-face interactions.

“There was nothing more I wanted in the world than to be complimented on how I looked at one moment in time and see that posted online a few days later,” the guy in the purple hoodie continued. “Without her observations of me posted on Facebook, I would never have met my shy girl.”

Guy in the purple hoodie said he is looking forward to learning shy girl’s name.

“I really feel like that’s the next step for us,” guy in the purple hoodie said, “and a big one at that, but thanks to U of C Compliments, one day we’ll get there.”

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