Campus Libs go to Montreal

By Riley Hill

Trudeau-loving Liberals flooded Montreal from Feb.20–23 for the party’s bi-annual convention. Among them were the University of Calgary Liberals. The club went east to try to pass motions and show that the Liberals are alive in Alberta. “We were one of the largest university delegations there,” said UCL president Vincent St.Pierre. While there, UCL pushed… Continue reading Campus Libs go to Montreal

New master’s in business and public policy

By Tendayi Moyo

Next September, the University of Calgary will become the first university in Canada to offer a combined master’s degree in business administration and public policy. Robert Mansell, the academic director of the School of Public Policy, said the program will teach students the management skills employers are looking for. “It will appeal to those people… Continue reading New master’s in business and public policy


Hosted by

By Andrew Lee

Almost half the global population are said to be predominantly introverted. Yet they are rarely identified, like a species on the verge of extinction. Are they all in hiding? Introverts can be likened to oranges masquerading as apples in a world of apples. However, the difference between extroverted traits and introverted traits needs to be… Continue reading INTROVERSION

Student lobby group continues to grow

By Chris Adams

The Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS) will soon add another student union to its roster. If all goes to plan, MacEwan University’s student union will leave the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) at the end of March to join CAUS. “There was a special meeting a couple weeks ago where the Students’ Association of… Continue reading Student lobby group continues to grow

Spun: Spring

By Connor Sadler

Looking at the cover of the latest album from Sprïng I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. However the album Celebrations turned out to be an eclectic blend of soft indie and hard core metal synth and radio noise genres. The Vancouver-based group pairs two musical styles that switch from soft and melodic tunes to… Continue reading Spun: Spring

Spun: The Nautical Miles

By Connor Sadler

Ode to Joy, the latest album from Vancouver-based band the Nautical Miles, stays true to the folk genre with strong but soothing lyrics and acoustic guitar harmonies. The music is distinguished by indie-rock flair, achieved by adding energetic guitar and percussion sections to give a stronger sense of rhythm. “Be Embraced, Ye Millions” opens the… Continue reading Spun: The Nautical Miles

Spun: Carletone Stone

By Shivaughn M. King

Nova Scotia musician Carleton Stone’s third album, Draws Blood, is an excellent singer-songwriter experience with a blend of rock, pop and country influences — even jazzy trumpet melodies make a prominent appearance. The album is dedicated to Stone’s friend Jay Smith, who passed away shortly before recording began. This adds an introspective, personal tone to… Continue reading Spun: Carletone Stone

Music student wins RBC Concerto Competition

By Sean Sullivan

Last month, University of Calgary music student John Chan added one more win to his long list of awards, winning the RBC Concerto Competition. Six finalists were chosen during the preliminary auditions last fall and had the chance to perform with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra on Feb. 11. Having won the competition, Chan will have… Continue reading Music student wins RBC Concerto Competition

Calgary film explores drug culture

By Sean Sullivan

Producer Ritika Anand and her husband, director Shailender Vyas, are only interested in producing films about social issues. Their last film, Lost, which was released in 2009 and won an Award of Excellence from the Canada International Film Festival in 2010, was a 60-minute documentary drama about how southeast Asian immigrants to Canada run into… Continue reading Calgary film explores drug culture