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Toll booths threaten road congestion

By Jeremy Woo

Whether stuck in a crowded bus crawling along the Trans-Canada Highway or waiting in a parking lot of congestion along Glenmore Trail, Calgary commuters experience frustrating gridlock on a daily basis. Comments made by Mac Logan, Calgary’s general manager of transportation, on September 15 suggest that tolls on major roads may be in the city’s… Continue reading Toll booths threaten road congestion

Calgary’s congestion causes clash

By Ryan Pike

It’s often said that municipal government affects our day-to-day lives more than any other level of government. One of the hottest hot-button topics in the past few elections has been transportation. The City of Calgary is responsible for maintaining roads, infrastructure and the public transit system. The mayoral reign of Dave Bronconnier has been one… Continue reading Calgary’s congestion causes clash

Premier front-runner talks pipelines

By Chris Adams

Alberta’s ruling provincial party is in the midst of a leadership race following Alison Redford’s resignation. Jim Prentice — former member of parliament for Calgary Centre-North — is in the running to become Alberta’s next leader. And, according to most, he’s the candidate to watch. Prentice served nearly seven years in the Harper government, 18… Continue reading Premier front-runner talks pipelines

Screen Time: Playing it safe

By Sean Sullivan

Predictions about Hollywood’s demise, or about fundamental shifts in the way studios produce movies, seem to arise summer after summer as the media and the Internet respond to various box office failures. But not much has drastically changed for Hollywood since the introduction of 3D, despite what doomsayers say. Six major films “flopped” at the… Continue reading Screen Time: Playing it safe

The death of the press conference

By Sean Willett

On Feb. 20, Sony held a press conference. In it, they finally revealed their new game console, the Playstation 4, after months of speculation, rumors and reported leaks. Dozens of developers and producers were trotted on stage to expound upon the virtues of the new system, making grand, fantastical promises without really showing anything concrete.… Continue reading The death of the press conference

Upgrading the heart of campus

By Erick Maleko

On October 11, the University of Calgary unveiled its proposed master plan to overhaul MacEwan Student Centre. The plan is still in the consultation process, however, it proposes MSC become a state-of-the-art building with added space, flow and improved services for students.
 A town hall meeting was held on October 11 to collect students’ ideas… Continue reading Upgrading the heart of campus

Spun: Yeasayer

By Dixon Blume

Yeasayer is a band known primarily for two things: solid singles and excellent live shows. This determination and energy has not translated to the studio, however, as previous albums strived to reach innovation and expressiveness, but fell short.
 Fragrant World unfortunately continues this trend. Yeasayer return to psychedelic synth-pop, with traceable influences from an array… Continue reading Spun: Yeasayer

Stör expands

By Ryan Barlow

The Students’ Union is looking to expand the size of their convenience store — Stör– located in MacHall to include fresh produce, meat and other grocery store items. The proposed upgrades coincide with Stör’s need for renovations to its ventilation, electric and heating systems. First-year business student Gail Medley said, “it would be really useful… Continue reading Stör expands