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Hoop dreams, injuries

By Lawrence Bailey

Men’s Hoops – Lawrence Bailey Talent: B+ A recruiting coup brought highly-touted Whit Hornsberger to join prolific scorer John Riad in the Dinos backcourt this season. With a solid cast of returning players the stage was set for a breakthrough. While this didn’t happen, the talent cannot be blamed. Solid all-around seasons were turned in… Continue reading Hoop dreams, injuries

Clark fearless in acoustic Ballroom performance

By David Kenney

On Wednesday night at the MacEwan Hall Ballroom, Terri Clark held a family reunion. Tables and chairs were pulled out, enclosed candles topped tables and waitresses served drinks. The only thing missing was a croaky-sounding uncle and some bad jokes. It was Martha Stewart-nice. Pretty bizarre for a ballroom show. Instead of the regular stumbling-drunk… Continue reading Clark fearless in acoustic Ballroom performance