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Attacking Obama

By Laura Bardsley

As the American election campaign draws to a close, the fanatics are spreading their wings more than ever. According to politico.com, at a recent rally in New Mexico for John McCain, the candidate asked a rhetorical question about his opposition, “Who is the real Barack Obama?” A man in the audience responded with, “Terrorist!” A… Continue reading Attacking Obama

Outrageous handbags

By Laura Bardsley

It seems that fashion has taken another turn for the worse, if worse is actually possible. The world has already seen garbage bag dresses and skeleton-like bodies laden with overpriced, ridiculous costumes actually making it difficult for the wearer to walk. But now parts of the fashion industry have resorted to an even more preposterous… Continue reading Outrageous handbags

Too much to take

By Laura Bardsley

We all have gone through the same steps to get where we are. We’ve exhausted every resource to guarantee ourselves some sort of academic success including paying ridiculous amounts of money to some dude named Renert to teach us how to properly recall a course we’ve already completed. We’ve pulled all-weekers and processed so much… Continue reading Too much to take

Deconstructing Horsedog

By Ryan Pike

Human beings have walked the Earth for roughly 200,000 years, according to scientists. In that time, we have discovered fire, mastered flight and made scientific discoveries that have revolutionized the way the world works. The creation of Horsedog makes every other human achievement seem like a small child’s inane scrawlings. In the annals of Western… Continue reading Deconstructing Horsedog