Brave film out of the closet

By Jeff Kubik

While North America grapples with the prospect of institutionalized gay marriage and activists and disparate conservative groups continue battle among themselves, the rest of the world continues to deal with homosexuality and transgender issues. Though we in the West often lose sight of the larger populace, the governments of the developing world clash every day… Continue reading Brave film out of the closet

Saddest music not so sad

By Rob Scherf

Thank God. With the release of The Saddest Music in the World, a Canadian artist finally has the balls to come right out and say we Canucks are a pretty moody bunch. And who is this trailblazing entrepreneur of fresh-air filmmaking? None other than cinematic lo-fi auteur Guy Maddin. Maddin’s delievers a strange mix of… Continue reading Saddest music not so sad

Semites of the world unite

By Azin Sadr & Alan Cho

We live in a highly volatile time precariously perched at the edge of conflict. The tiniest provocation in the form of sexuality, political ideology, religion can ignite a situation into irrevocable consequences. François Dupeyron has directed a movie offering us a more optimistic slice of life. Set in Paris in the early 1960s, Monsieur Ibrahim… Continue reading Semites of the world unite