UNBF gets $3.7 million for Pepsi deal

By Pat Fitzpatrick

In an exclusive interview with the Brunswickan, University of New Brunswick Comptroller Daniel Murray revealed at last that the UNB Fredericton campus will receive an estimated $3.7 million dollars as a result of the exclusive "Cold Beverage Argeement" with Pepsi Cola. In total, Murray estimates that $4.9 million in revenue from the agreement will be… Continue reading UNBF gets $3.7 million for Pepsi deal

Management may pay another fee

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

Another fee may be coming. Don’t panic–it only applies to Management undergraduates, and even then, it’s optional.In a recent referendum held for Management students at the University of Calgary, 78 per cent of the 12 per cent of Management students who voted agreed to a $25 per semester for full-time students ($10 part time students)."The… Continue reading Management may pay another fee

Adventures in stereo

By Ricardo Urbina

Prepare yourself for an all out fund-raising barrage by the University of Calgary’s own radio station CJSW 91 FM. The annual event, which runs Fri., Oct. 23 to Oct. 30, is back and hopes to be as successful as its predecessor. Last year, the event was able to raise over $103,000 in donations, so this… Continue reading Adventures in stereo

New march on playoffs

By Rob South

A soaked, muddy field and a trail of bad luck longer than Highway 62 could not stop the Men’s soccer team from winning their first game of the season. Using their long ball game to compensate for poor conditions, the University of Calgary Dinos put Saskatchewan in their place with a 3-0 beating.Rookie Brian Newmarch,… Continue reading New march on playoffs

Big Bash Hopes Hang On Commitee’s Compassion

By Paul Haavardsrud

Big bash hopes hang on committee’s compassionParties seem to hit full stride at the post-uneasy, pre-queasy, almost lampshade time in the evening, around 12a.m. For last year’s veteran Dinosaurs field hockey team the clock struck midnight with a national tournament berth. This season,with graduation taking a large chunk out of her squad, Head Coach Deb… Continue reading Big Bash Hopes Hang On Commitee’s Compassion


By Paul Haavardsrud

"A bit of a walk in the park, in’it?"– Tony Marsden, Kiwi tourist, first-time spectator, 4:45 left in the fourth quarter.To the untrained eye of a first-time spectator from New Zealand, Dinosaurs football victories would seem a dime a dozen judging by the spectacle witnessed this past Saturday in a 45-13 final score at McMahon… Continue reading Victory!

I will be your king

By Collin Gallant

I awoke in a half-crazed, half-calm flurry of brain activity. The ideas were coming fast, but relaxed. I imagine it’s what Johnny Mnemonic felt like. It was almost as if I was ordering a pint at the local watering hole instead of cracking the shell on the hard-boiledest egg of a good idea man has… Continue reading I will be your king

Spies, lies and airbourne espionage

By Ben Perrin

If you thought that secret agents, government cover ups, and top-secret files were all relics of James Bond’s Cold War missions, think again. This time, however, it’s New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Dick Proctor who has taken the title of "super-sleuth" against the latest Liberal cover-up. The main issue under discussion involves the Liberal… Continue reading Spies, lies and airbourne espionage