Campus 5-0: The June report

By Mary Chan

June and early July was a rather medical time for our boys in blue as the slow summer continued.

Campus Security responded to a major ammonia leak at the Olympic Oval on June 20 when about 300 pounds of ammonia vented from an on-site containment facility. The alarm sounded at 4:46 a.m. and Campus Security and Residence services evacuated the residence buildings.

"It was pretty challenging," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "We were pleased with how well it worked."

Up to 300 people were bussed to the Red and White Club, where residence management provided hot coffee and juice. No one was injured due to the leak, though a few people reported discomfort caused by the inhalation of fumes.

"After the evacuation a few people were still calling in to say the fire alarms were going off and they had to be evacuated as well," said Fritz.

Campus Security was also called to the loading dock, where a diabetic woman had passed out in her vehicle. Her foot jammed the gas pedal, causing her to strike an overhanging door. Campus Security officer Kelly Kliewer had to break the back window to rescue her; she was sent to hospital.

On July 6, two officers used an Automated External Defibrillator to revive an 81-year-old North Carolina man who suffered a heart attack while touring campus. The AED, one of two purchased a few months ago, measures the electrical impulses of the heart and determines if a shock is needed.

"This could be the first time a private organization with this type of equipment has saved a life in Calgary," said Fritz. "For those outside ems, this is a success story."

The man’s heart began beating after one shock and is doing just fine, according to Fritz.

Incidents on campus were on par with May, though the value of stolen goods were up due to the theft of a $20,000 vehicle.

If you have an incident to report or need a Safewalk, call Campus Security at 220–5333.

With reporting by Jan Creaser.

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