SAA hearing wraps up

By Mary Chan

A Student Academic Assembly hearing concerning Faculty of Management Representative Ryan Cartwright took place June 30, where the SAA Committee of Hearing ruled on an application to disqualify Ryan Cartwright from his position.

Applicant Jennifer Bond contended that Cartwright is not recognized by the Faculty of Management as the student representative due to a mix-up in electoral policies, and therefore cannot represent Management students.

The SAA decided Cartwright did not contravene governance bylaws, and took no action against him.

In their ruling, the SAA decided to deal with only what has occurred since May 1, (when Cartwright took office) and not what could happen in the future.

"The committee was simply concerned with whether in the past Mr. Cartwright has fulfilled the responsibilities of his position," read the decision. "It was determined that Mr. Cartwright had fulfilled the responsibilities of his position and that no governance bylaws were broken."

Bond has filed an appeal; the date has not yet been set.

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