Battershell just want to luv you

By Laura Glick

Crawling out of the gutters of New York City, Battershell has managed to squeeze their way into the hearts of many young fans, aka "luv punks."

From shows on tugboats in Louisiana, to playing sets on flatbed trucks careening the streets of New York, Battershell continues to spew their brand of "hardcore bubblegum" with genuine glee.

Despite their punk exterior, and not very demure demeanour, they landed a spot on the Lillith Fair bill in North Carolina.

"It ended up being amazing for us," explains lead-singer/guitarist Tammy Lynn, who is rounded out by bassist Hannah Head and drummer Charlie Lauth. "We had so much fun, cause we were the hardcore band for Lillith Fair. We played in front of 11,000 people and when we went on we were right next to the big stage so we got the whole entire crowd. I screamed as soon as I got up on stage and everyone rushed the stage. It was so fucking cool."

Along with the spot on girlie music platter came all the rock star fixin’s. The personalized trailer with the star on the door, the wet bar in the trailer, the privileges and soap from Sarah McLachlan.

Most tours, however, are on the more humble side with nights on strangers’ cold floors, interviews in McDonalds and a van with a temperamental heating system. Then there are the shows in shopping malls.

"We actually have fun playing at malls," Lynn says excitedly. "It’s kind of like being Willy Wonka in the chocolate factory. It’s surreal and you’re absolutely not supposed to be there, but it’s the forbidden part that makes us like it.

"It’s so taboo for us to do cause were a punk-rock band, but we never claimed to be a straight forward punk-rock band. We don’t really √ět in to any classification, so in our rule books it means that we can do anything we want."

That independence continues when Lynn writes songs, lyrically ranging from touring in Japan to joining the circus. Anything goes. The honesty shines through and is one of the reasons people respond to their quirkiness.

"We don’t put up any rock star front. We’re exactly the same as our fans except we’re the ones on stage," she says of their magical ingredient that draws luv punks in. "We really want to include them [fans] in everything. We’re hyperactive and silly, I think they see that and think ‘we could do that too.’

"It impresses them when they come see us and we actually play. We’re just as fucking hard as the boys."

Lynn’s sweet melodic voice can be deceiving, but she shows her grit and claws when playing; her determination and sincerity ooze out. She also owns Sid and Nancy pyjamas, clothing only girls with balls would own.

The zaniness that pervades Battershell’s tour schedule and shows is apparent on their latest release, Luv Punks–a moniker dedicated to their generous and zealous fans. With some tracks reminiscent of the Go-Go’s and others conjuring images of Hole at their dirty best, Luv Punks meanders from heavy and crunchy, to lollipop-laden sugary songs.

To get a dose of Battershell check them out Mon., Nov. 29 at the Liberty Lounge at Mount Royal College.

Download your Battershel MP3 here

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