Dinos lay waste to T-Birds

The U of C women’s hockey squad is the winningest Dino team on campus. However, you wouldn’t know that from asking head coach Julie Healy. "I didn’t realize that," said Healy. "I haven’t really been paying attention, comparatively speaking." Healy’s modesty in the face of recent success is staggering–the Dinos are coming off a weekend… Continue reading Dinos lay waste to T-Birds

Rock me gently

The opportunity to present new and unexplored research in geology has arrived. Geology 2000: An Adapting Profession is the theme for the Western Inter-University Geological Conference being held on campus in January 2000. "The conference will perhaps spark new interest for the students," said Ryan Mitton, who heads the planning committee. "Different universities have different… Continue reading Rock me gently

Student busks for smiles

In the stressed out, high-strung atmosphere of a university campus, what does it take to make you crack a smile? Third-year General Studies student Steve Bleile thinks he has the answer. For the past few months, Bleile has busked on campus two to three times per week. Last Monday, he sang and played guitar for… Continue reading Student busks for smiles

Rosza unveils new studio

Thanks to a new recording studio in the Rozsa Centre, students can now record their awesome yodelling talent in stereo sound right here on campus.Although the studio, unveiled Monday, was originally a part of the plans for the Rozsa Centre, a lack of funding prevented the studio from being realized until recently. "It was built… Continue reading Rosza unveils new studio

Questionable pamhlet posted on campus

Pushing freedom of speech to objectionable limits, pamphlets belonging to the US-based National Alliance group were posted around campus last week. "We’ve had numerous complaints about this group, we just haven’t been able to identify any of the people," said Campus Security Operations Supervisor Bob King. "These types of complaints come in very infrequently, about… Continue reading Questionable pamhlet posted on campus

U of C gets $6M for buildings

The University of Calgary will receive $6 million to upgrade facilities as part of a one-time $38 million funding initiative announced by the Government of Alberta on Monday. Students won’t see any big changes as a result of the additional money, since the U of C will use the money to maintain operation of the… Continue reading U of C gets $6M for buildings

Come Alive

They are referred to as the hardest working band in hip-hop today and with the release of their first live album, it’s easy to see why. On Come Alive, The Roots show a kind of energy usually reserved for stars of the rock and roll genre. The album opens with the intro to a concert… Continue reading Come Alive

Antipop — Primus

Primus is back, but with a different approach on their new CD, Antipop. The release finds frontman Les Claypool going back to the band’s first full-length CD, Frizzle Fry, for a heavier sound. His muse, turns out to be Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine). Morrello guests on three of Antipop’s 13 tracks, adding his… Continue reading Antipop — Primus