Keep the baby, I want my money

By Nassr Awada

There are 1,200 students on this campus who have cheques coming to them from Ottawa this winter. So, here is the scoop on how to collect your Canada Millennium Scholarship for next year if you’re one of the lucky people who have money coming to them.

1. Go to the FEES OFFICE in the MacKimmie Library Block.

2. Make sure that you are registered full-time for the Winter 2000 semester (that means that you
are registered in at least three half-courses).

3. Present them with some sort of ID.

4. Collect your cheque and go to your banking institution to deposit.

5. Pay off any outstanding debt to the University(I can’t believe I said that!).

Note: Be sure to pick up your cheque between January 3 and January 14. If you don’t, this is what happens:

Your cheque will be sent back to the Student Finance Board in Alberta which will hold the cheque for a week or so. All the cheques that are not picked up will be sent back to the federal government in Ottawa. Honestly, you do not want to have to go chasing after the federal government for your money. So, pick up your cheque by January 14 at the fees office. If you miss out, call 310-0000 and ask for the Student Finance Board.

Nassr Awada
VP External

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