Canadians of our century

By Еvan Osentоn

Artist Emily Carr, Victoria, British Columbia (1871-1945) Among Canadian painters, Emily Carr stands alone. Indeed, while the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson may be considered more influential than Carr, they fed off each other while working together in Ontario where benefactors weren’t scarce. Carr, on the other hand, lived and worked alone in underpopulated… Continue reading Canadians of our century

Websites detect plagiarism

By Patricia Fuentes

Plagiarism, considered one of the worst evils of academia, has both proliferated and found its demise in technology. Students and professors can access resources to catch and commit plagiarized papers online. Sites such as claim they can identify a plagiarized paper using a logarithmic detection method which compares the text of a paper to… Continue reading Websites detect plagiarism

Computer labs neglected

By R. Paul Dyck

At a time when on-campus computer systems are faster than ever, students wonder whether it’s worth the time spent lining up for them. Some University of Calgary students express concerns regarding accessibility to Information Commons computers, as demand for the new systems increases beyond the number available. "Sometimes I get on a computer right away,… Continue reading Computer labs neglected

U of C students back from WTO protests in Seattle

By Cameron Baughen

Students who attended the World Trade Organization protest in Seattle last weekend do not want the issues to be lost in a fog of tear gas and a hailstorm of rubber bullets. "The reason why this happened was to protest the fundamental issues of the WTO," said Development Studies student Marcel Anderson. "These need to… Continue reading U of C students back from WTO protests in Seattle