Feds renegotiate student loan agreement

By Jamie Hellewell

Will Ottawa shovel another $100 million of taxpayers’ money into the three student loan-granting banks? On Jan. 25, the Globe and Mail reported the Federal Liberals would be paying $100 million to compensate the banks for losses incurred over the past five years from student loan defaults. According to a government press release, the story… Continue reading Feds renegotiate student loan agreement

Reaction to town hall mixed

By Patricia Fuentes

In the high noon drama of student body scrutiny, all participants at last Friday’s Town Hall Meeting were left standing. Billed as a means for student-administration interaction on issues such as tuition, many students were skeptical about the genuine intention of the meeting. "This is a truly unique event," hailed University of Calgary Vice-president Student… Continue reading Reaction to town hall mixed

Students stage "teach-in"

Amidst soap bubbles and live guitar music, 150 students gathered not for a sit-in, but a teach-in. The University of Calgary Revolutionary Anarchist Kollektive held a discussion about tuition increases in the MacEwan Student Centre courtyard on Wed., Jan. 26. According to RAK and Alberta Tuition Abolition Coalition member Wesley Morgan, RAK held the teach-in… Continue reading Students stage "teach-in"

Learning Minister addresses U of C Senate

By Robert Granger

Tuition is not the problem… student debt is the problem." These were the words of Alberta Minister of Learning Lyle Oberg at the Jan. 26 University of Calgary Senate meeting. Held in MacEwan Student Centre, the student debt issue was a recurring theme throughout the minister’s speech and subsequent question period. What distinguished this Senate… Continue reading Learning Minister addresses U of C Senate

Reading is fundamental

By Kim Stock

One third of Alberta adults possess reading skills that limit their ability to deal with much of the written material they encounter, according to the Alberta Association for Adult Literacy. To combat such realities the University of Calgary Students For Literacy club is holding an event Jan. 27-28 called Wonder of Words Days. "We will… Continue reading Reading is fundamental

Tuition to increase Feb. 4

By Mary Chan

Tuition season is officially here. Students taking a full course load will pay an additional $188.42 in tuition fees next year if the University of Calgary Board of Governors passes a recommended 5.15 per cent tuition hike Feb. 4. It’s an option most students are loathe to see. "I think it sucks," said first-year General… Continue reading Tuition to increase Feb. 4

The Screen Behind the Mirror — Enigma

By David Kenney

Remember the sci-fi flick Mad Max? If so, then visions of Tina Turner and uncooked linguini hair must be near. And don’t forget, "We Don’t Need Another Hero." Blecch. Now fast forward to Y2K, where techno rules sci-fi Prodigy, good. Propellerheads, good. Enigma, baaaaaaad. On the new age group’s The Screen Behind the Mirror, their… Continue reading The Screen Behind the Mirror — Enigma

Coffee and Jazz anybody?

By Mike Carron

Nickel and Dime’s newest production is sure to be talked about well after it is performed. Geoff Woods’ play, Coffee and Jazz, is the tale of a jazz musician, Kieran (Woods) and his love-stricken quest for Tiana (Jamie Konchak). Directed by Cherie Diane Caslyn, the play twists of Kieran’s reality and investigates who is in… Continue reading Coffee and Jazz anybody?

B’ehl run for the folk-pop border

By Garreth Reeder

They’re in Billboard magazine, have CD distribution in Japan and England and they’re from Winnipeg. Confused? Meet B’ehl, a four-piece band who’ve been around for close to five years now, and is returning to the Night Gallery for the third time on Saturday to promote their sophomore effort, Bright Eyes. "We’re essentially a pop band… Continue reading B’ehl run for the folk-pop border

Sight, touch, smell, taste and sound

By Shawn Hoult

The Five Senses is an extraordinary movie about ordinary lives. Canadian director Jeremy Podeswa weaves a story that is both unsettling and heartwarming, as he tells the tale of a number of intertwining lives in a Canadian city. At first glance this film bears a striking resemblance to Robert Altman’s Shortcuts, but it soon becomes… Continue reading Sight, touch, smell, taste and sound