Unleash the Dragon — Sisqó

Coming fresh off the success of 1998’s Enter Dru Hill, frontman Sisqó is the first Dru Hill member to release a solo album. Coinciding albums from fellow members Nokio, Woody and Jazz, are expected to drop later this year.

At best, Unleash The Dragon is an uninspired effort that fails to expand the current state of the r&b/soul genre. Sisqó delivers cliché after cliché in his trademark voice, with songs that are about as intriguing as the ingredients listed on the back of your favorite cereal. Unleash the Dragon makes you wonder why it takes five song writers to come up with a track entitled "Thong Song." As much as r&b/soul heads are craving a four-minute song about fashionable underwear, I think I’ll pass on this one.

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