Still I Rise — 2Pac & Outlawz

One of the most exciting things about music is watching the artist of your choice change and evolve throughout their career.

So, in the case of this album, there is an inherent problem–Tupac has been dead for nearly four years now.

There’s a reason this disk didn’t come out sooner, and the people that should really be blamed are the album’s producers. The Outlawz should get theirs too, since they will reap a heavy harvest for something they did a while ago.

As is to be expected, the album is nothing new. If you’re a Tupac fan, you’ll love it. It’s a little more of the same old thing. If you’re not a Tupac fan, then it will just sound old. And in the brutally high mortality rate of hip-hop, that’s bad news.

At the very least, Still I Rise is going to sell its fair share to old fans and a few new ones. It’s hard to listen to, though, knowing that it was released so that Tupac’s old ‘buddies’ could stop living hand-to-mouth.

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