Simpatico delivers shallow characters

Simpatico is a prize-winning horse, a symbol of beauty and prosperity, which contrasts this film’s characters, whose sin-filled pasts come back to haunt them. Unfortunately, the only other thing haunting about Simpatico is the wasted two hours it takes to watch it. Completely devoid of intelligence, wit or insight, Simpatico is a truly dismal film.… Continue reading Simpatico delivers shallow characters

Nupanella: Nummy

Nupanella. The name rolls off your tongue all smooth like silk. The same could be said about the vocal delivery of Rockabye, the central force behind local hip-hop duo Nupanella. Rockabye Together with the rhythmic flow of fellow mc AAnalyst, quench the never-ending thirst of heads searching for true hip-hop. Meanwhile, producers/sound scientists Prizo and… Continue reading Nupanella: Nummy

Next stop: Whitehorn

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks has taken a new direction this season with the addition of Whitehorn. The 16 pieces program was entirely created by new and emerging choreographers, displaying diversity and originality. One of the forces behind the show is Kimberly Cooper. A long time dancer with the company, Cooper takes on the role of Artistic… Continue reading Next stop: Whitehorn