Lets get a few things straight about… the Gauntlet

By Anne-Marie Bruzga

The Gauntlet has recently come under fire in regards to its journalistic practices. In the hopes of dispelling inaccuracies, here’s a few truths about the publication and what it represents:• We believe in presenting fair and balanced news stories. That said, we do not allow people who are involved with special interest groups or clubs… Continue reading Lets get a few things straight about… the Gauntlet

The gift of life:

By Laura Glick

Enema. Catheter. Angiogram. Epidural. I did not plan on these words being part of my vocabulary at age 21. These procedures were ones that my grandma and her friends talked about, not ones healthy university students discuss. I also didn’t plan on saving a life at age 21. It began in autumn 1999, when it… Continue reading The gift of life:

Scores, games mean little

By Kevin Rothbauer

The scores from last weekend’s Dinos-Bisons matchup at the University of Manitoba might tell you that the Dinos played better hockey in Friday’s 6-3 win than in Saturday’s 5-4 overtime loss, but coach Tim Bothwell disagrees. "We actually played better on Saturday," said Bothwell. "Friday was an ugly, scrambly game by both teams. Saturday was… Continue reading Scores, games mean little

Distance, hurdles strengths of track Dinos

By Darren Friesen

Despite the snowy conditions of late, the University of Calgary’s track and field team is preparing for their upcoming season. Winter training sessions and some pre-season provincial meets have been the focus for the team thus far, but with the annual Canada West tournament only two weeks away, they are looking to put forth another… Continue reading Distance, hurdles strengths of track Dinos

Women come close to conference sweep

By Kara Martens

Trailblazing is nothing new to the Dinos wrestling team. After winning the first ever women’s Canada Interuniversity Athletic Union women’s wrestling championship last March they were the overwhelming favourites to become the first Canada West women’s champions when they walked into their home gym last Friday. There were congratulations but no surprises as they claimed… Continue reading Women come close to conference sweep

The shooter’s return: Cathy Payne

By Jessica Laughren

"There is a rumour that there is a shooter in Australia. Do you know where she is?" read the email that Dinos women’s basketball coach Shawnee Harle sent to her prized three-point shooter, Cathy Payne. At the time, Payne was in Australia, thoroughly enjoying the final leg of an eight-month back-packing tour. "Basketball was constantly… Continue reading The shooter’s return: Cathy Payne

Volleyball leader: Warren Henschel

By Jessica Laughren

Muhammad Ali’s famous saying, "Float like a butterfly sting like a bee" comes to mind upon meeting Warren Henschel. At a glance, standing at an imposing 6’4"Henschel, the senior player of the Dinos men’s volleyball team is no butterfly. With his spike of the ball, Henschel’s sting becomes quickly apparent. Vet off court this athletic… Continue reading Volleyball leader: Warren Henschel

CIAU: watch out

By Kevin Rothbauer

It was pretty much a given that the Dinos men’s volleyball team would beat the University of Regina Cougars last weekend. All that really needed to be determined was by how much. The Dinos took nine of 10 games from the Cougars, winning 4-1 on Friday and 5-0 on Saturday. The two wins, coupled with… Continue reading CIAU: watch out