Stiff Upper Lip — AC/DC

By David Granger

Following on the heels of Bonfire, a 5-CD box set tribute to former AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott, comes Stiff Upper Lip, the first album of "original" songs since ’95s Ballbreaker. Forgive the sarcasm, but while the band has consistently rocked for the past couple of decades, the aging fivesome’s music has also stayed consistently monotonous. Die-hard AC/DC fans will probably want to crucify me for that statement, arguing "Why should you change the way you’re doing something if you’re good at it?" Because the human body is not designed to hear about 30 years of the same thing–that’s why we move away from our parents when we’re 20.

On a more techinical note, it also gets pretty annoying when songs are composed of repetitious, one-line chorus, i.e. "I keep a stiff upper lip," and "For those about to rock, we salute you," "You got me ringin’ hell’s bells" all ad nauseum. Not to mention that Brian Johnson has one of the most grating voices in rock music, third only to Billy Corgan and Raine Maida.

But, in the end, ya’ gotta love the guys. They’ve stayed true to the cause of making rock music or at least their definition of it: simple lyrics, catchy music, and a strong conviction and love for it all.


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