The rock says, "I’m moving"

It’s been climbed on, rolled, sat on, tarred and feathered, and painted countless times; now it’s being moved. The rock outside MacEwan Hall will roll to another location due to expansion.
Not to worry though, the rock will stay in our hearts and on our campus.

"I think students definitely want to make sure the rock stays… it’s one of our more popular traditions," explains Students’ Union President Toby White.

And a tradition it certainly is. The rock has been used as everything from a message board to the centre piece for a wedding.

University of Calgary Director of Ancillary Services Peter Fraser has been involved with the U of C campus since 1968 and, although he denies any personal experiences with the rock, he has seen its many transitions.

"There have been several proposals, and I remember two weddings using the rock… as a centre piece."

Feelings toward the rock were not always fond.

"There was a time when lead paint was first found to be cancerous; a group of students insisted on posting warning signs near the rock," said Fraser. "Probably one of the most interesting stunts, they actually set a Volkswagen Beetle on top of the rock with a crane!"

Fraser explains engineering students performed that stunt.

However, the funniest and raciest story that Fraser recalls from his schooling years at U of C will surely shock many.

"You know what the ‘Mile High club’ is?" he asked. "Well, there was talk of a ‘Rock High club’."

It is uncertain if the rock has moved before.

"I know it’s never been moved very far; it’s been tilted, people have lost hitches and bumpers trying," said Fraser.
When the rock will be moved is not known.

"[It] will depend on when construction takes place, [and] there are two possible options; in front of [MacEwan Hall expansion] or back towards the bus loop… towards Engineering," said White. The SU would like to see how students feel about the locations.

The actual logistics of moving the rock has yet to be decided.

"I think that will be interesting," said White. "I believe it’s cemented in."

If you believe Fraser, it’s been "cemented in" to campus life for a long time and always will be."