Gushing U of C pride in song

Do you think you could put your feelings about the University of Calgary into song? Fine arts profs William Jordan and Clem Martini did just that with their tune "Take Me There." Their efforts can be heard Oct. 20 at the Rooster Blues Band’s You See Blues show at the Rosza Center (see page 15).

Think you could do better? Bring us a few stanzas on the university’s aural spirit to the tone-deaf end of old MacHall, room 310 and receive an uplifting prize. Sing it to us, and we’ll reward you even more… or possibly throw you out of our office on your untalented ass.

If the winning entries are good enough, we may print them in an upcoming issue of the Gauntlet!

Fame could be yours!

The winds of Calgary’s western sky sweep lonely through the trees
And the far off rush of whispering air echoes my unease.
Leaves and dust and prairie brush on past as if to say
That my questions won’t be answered until I’m underway.
The route I’ve chosen’s not direct
My path will sometimes wind
My feet must search to find
the track
Because I’m starting blind.
Without a dream to guide me on
I wouldn’t have a prayer,
Guide me up, keep me moving
Take me there.
I’m living in a city that’s caught up between extremes,
Of the rolling grassy flatlands and a land of mountain streams,
And this landscape breeds a wisdom with a different point
of view,
Halfway between the way things were and a vision that is new.
I’m half fearless of these dreams I’ve got,
half reckless of their scope,
Half hopeless that they’ll
be fulfilled
And yet I’ve still got hope.
I’m over halfway started,
So, I’m over halfway there.
Guide me up, keep me moving
Take me there.
I’m walking on a journey, I can’t stop until I’m done,
My face is bent toward the peaks, and the setting of the sun,
The mountains rise before me and the flatlands slip away,
The evening sky envelops me and starlight guides my way.
I can’t stop until I’m finished
I won’t slow or halt my tread,
I’ll continue on until I’m done
to see just where I am led.
I’ve pushed too far along to quit,
I’ll do every thing I dare,
Guide me up, keep me moving,
Take me there.
When I get there, when I’m finished, at the closing of my day
I’ll look back to how I started, and then I’ll know my way.
When I’ve finally graduated up and convocated on,
I’ll look back with satisfaction at all the things I’ve done.
I’ll share the things I value most
The things that help me live
The gifts that I’ve been given
And the gifts I have to give.
Help me help the new ones moving up
Help me help the next
ones there
Guide me up, keep me moving
Take me there.

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